Some examples of our products used in traditional and contemporary building and renovation projects. Click any image to enlarge and start slideshow.

archway (2) Archway with corbel archway with corbels Archway without doors Archway Block cornice with return end at staircase Close up of arch concrete door surround Conservatory with archway Cornice and plaster fire surround and hearth Cornice in a Hall Cornice in a kitchen Cornice in kitchen with high units Cornice in open plan kitchen Cornice on a curved wall Cornice on a round wall cornice on round wall Door surround Double arch and large cornice Double door opening Hallway with return end Inner concrete door surround and outer concrete surround large block cornice Large centrepiece and ornate cornice Large floral centrepiece Lighting trough (2) Lighting trough Medium plain cornice Open plan doorway Plain cornice (2) Plain cornice round wall with block cornice round wall with large block cornice smal arch Small archway in hall Solid plaster Fireplace WP_20161022_08_13_15_Pro WP_20161022_08_15_12_Pro WP_20170729_15_48_19_Pro WP_20170729_15_48_50_Pro WP_20170729_15_49_06_Pro WP_20170729_15_49_10_Pro WP_20171111_12_29_47_Pro WP_20171111_12_30_03_Pro jquery lightbox with iframeby v5.9